List of Certified Filipino Voters in Saudi for 2022 National Elections

Filipinos based in KSA, in case you want to know if have registered and are certified to vote in the 2022 Philippine national elections, you can check out the official website of the PH Embassy. We have shared the PDF file where you can download and see if your name is on the list of overseas voters for this upcoming election.

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If you are a Filipino overseas worker in the Kingdom who has registered before, you will be able to see your name from this official list. You can download the PDF list from the link below – this comes from the official website of our embassy.

UPDATE: Currently, the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh has not yet posted the certified list of absentee voters (overseas voters), so please stay tuned. As per PH law, COMELEC will release the list of registered voters at least 120 days before the national election dates. Once COMELEC releases the list of names, they will forward it to the Philippine embassies,  consulates, and foreign service establishments. We will keep you posted once this update is released.

You can now see if your name is on the list as the COMELEC office has released the official names of Pinoys who can vote this election season.

certified filipino voters in saudi arabia

Pinoys in KSA who are Registered and Eligible to Vote in the Philippine Elections

Filipinos in the Kingdom of Saudi who registered in Riyadh and are qualified to vote for the 2022 National Elections may check their names by using the links.

The list contains the sequence number, Voter’s Name, and Registration Date and the files will be separated according to Land-based and Seafarers.

Only those included in this list are allowed to vote. The Phil. Embassy Riyadh, Philippine Consulates and offices in Jeddah and Al-Khobar has posted the list from their website. Please check out the details below:

Registered Pinoy Overseas Voters in Riyadh, Saudi

Registered Pinoy Overseas Voters in Jeddah, Saudi

Registered Pinoy Overseas Voters in Al Khobar, Saudi


How to Search for your name in the list of overseas voters in Saudi Arabia?

In case you are wondering how you can search for your name, you simply have to choose the PDF file from the list uploaded by the Phil Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. They have compiled it according to alphabetical order using the last names of the registered voters.

All you have to do is open the file based on your Last Name, and then scroll to your name to find if it is listed.

What does it mean if my name is included in the list of Overseas Voters?

It means that you have successfully registered for overseas voting and you can participate in the upcoming elections as overseas absentee voters.

What if my name is not on the list of registered voters?

It means that you are unable to vote in the upcoming 2022 Philippine elections. You may vote in the succeeding elections after this.

If you may have inquiries or need further assistance with your questions about voting in the Kingdom, you can contact the PH Embassy Saudi office. Below are the details:

Where to Vote in Saudi?

The PH Embassy in Riyadh has released the tentative schedules for each voting venue location and they are as follows:

  • Philippine Embassy in Riyadh
  • International Philippine School in Al Khobar (IPSA)
  • Philippine International School in Buraidah (PISB)
  • Embassy-on-Wheels (EOW) in Hafar Al Batin
  • Embassy-on-Wheels (EOW) in Al Jouf
  • Embassy-on-Wheels (EOW) in Hail
  • Embassy-on-Wheels (EOW) in Al Ahsa

Note: For overseas voters who want to vote in a different voting venue from where they are registered, please email your request to Attach a copy of your passport’s information page and indicate your place of registration as well as where you want to vote.

All requests will be endorsed to and must first be approved by the COMELEC before an overseas voter will be allowed to vote in a venue different from his/her place of registration.

overseas voting for filipinos saudi

voting locations for filipinos in Saudi overseas voting in philippine elections for pinoys in saudi

Update: Advisory from PH Embassy in Riyadh

The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh successfully held the Final Testing and Sealing (FTS) of Vote Counting Machines (VCM) earlier today. More than 50 watchers from various registered political parties and accredited Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) organizations attended the seminar.

Please see the updated information about it below from their official Facebook Page:

Contact Information

Embassy of the Philippines in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Address: C3 Radaif Street, Diplomatic Quarter
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
P.O. Box 94366, Riyadh 11693
Tel. Nos.: (+966-11) 488-3615; 482-0507; 482-1802
Hotline Nos.: (+966) 5516-99548 (POLO); (+966) 5012-69742 (POLO ERO)
(+966) 5698-93301 (ATN); (+966-11) 4823-559 (Duty Officer)
Email: /
Facebook account:

Google Map Location

In case you are wondering where the Philippine Embassy in Saudi Arabia is located, below is a map guide for you: