Gov’t Announces 11-Day Eid Break

The government announced an 11-day break in observance of the Eid holidays.

For workers in the public and private sectors, Eid Al Fitr marks the conclusion of the holy Islamic month of Ramadan.

Gov’t Announces 11-Day Eid Break

Saudi Arabia to Celebrate Eid Holidays with 11-Day Break

The Eid holiday for government employees will begin at the end of the workday on Thursday, Ramadan 25 (May 7) and end on Monday, Shawwal 5. (May 17), the Gulf News reported.

The Eid holiday will last four days for private-sector employees, starting at the end of the workday on Tuesday, Ramadan 29. (May 11).

On Tuesday, May 11, the new moon will be visible to assess the start of Shawwal and the Eid.

Meanwhile, according to local media, Saudi Minister of Islamic Affairs and Call Abdulatif Bin Abdulaziz released a circular to all branches of the ministry in the kingdom, outlining health precautions to be followed during Eid prayers.

To prevent crowding, the circular states that prayer locations will be extended to include all mosques where Friday prayers are held. The Eid prayers will begin 15 minutes after sunrise, it added.

Since the days leading up to the Eid Al-Fitr holidays are considered the peak of shopping, the Kingdom has urged shops and commercial centers to follow health protocols.

In compliance with COVID-19 protocols, shopping center operating hours have been extended to 24 hours to prevent crowding during peak hours.

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