Farmers in Saudi Arabia Create “World’s Longest Necklace”

When the opportunity to set a new world record comes along, the people of Saudi Arabia are always up for the challenge! Recently, a group of farmers in the Kingdom set a new record by creating the world’s longest necklace, as reported by Al Arabiya English.

Weighing 120 kilograms and measuring 111 metres in length, the necklace is made of jasmine, an aromatic plant. Over a span of four days, 37 experts in jasmine cultivation created the impressive necklace, which soon became popular on social media.

Saudi Farmers Make “Longest Necklace in the World”

The jasmine necklace was created in the southern city of Jizan, where the first ever Jasmine and Aromatic Plants Festival is being held. The event was organized in cooperation with the General Authority for Entertainment.

Basically, the festival aims to showcase the jasmine plant as part of the Jizan region’s heritage. It also seeks to provide opportunities for farmers and investors to cultivate jasmine, thereby establishing its symbolic identity and enhancing tourism in the region.

Notably, the month-long festival:

  • Provides 75 jobs for youth
  • Targets up to 300,000 visitors
  • Offers training on growing jasmine
  • Features 30 exhibitors for jasmine cultivation

As for the jasmine necklace, organizers have yet to confirm whether they plan to register it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Many of us may think that Saudi Arabia is dominated by vast deserts and plains, but festivals such as these show that the Kingdom is rich in native flora. Just to give you a better idea, check out this aerial video of Saudi Arabia, which features the Kingdom’s natural wonders!

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