How to Get Married in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (For Filipinos)

Filipinos who have been living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can process the Report of Marriage at the Philippine Embassy. Below are the process and requirements that can guide you.

NOTE: Only marriages between Filipino nationals are performed by an authorized or duly commissioned consular officer within the Embassy premises.

report of marriage saudi arabia

Marriage Guidelines at the Philippine Embassy in Saudi Arabia

General Requirements: (For each party)

1. Original Birth Certificate from NSO, authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Manila (with red ribbon)

2. Original Certificate of no Marriage (CENOMAR) from NSO (Issued at most 6 months prior to the date of submission to the Embassy), authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Manila.

3. For contracting parties aged 18 – 21 years old: Parental consent notarized and authenticated by DFA (with red ribbon).

4. For contracting parties aged 21 – 25 years old: Parental advice, notarized and authenticated by DFA (with red ribbon).

5. For Widow/Widower: NSO issued Marriage Contract and NSO issued Death Certificate authenticated by DFA (with red ribbon)

6. For contracting parties with Annulled Marriages: NSO issued Amended Marriage Contract authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs (with red ribbon); Certificate of Finality of Decision and Court Order authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs (with red ribbon).

7. Passport copy of each party (data page only).

8. (2×2 photo) 2 pcs. for each party.

9. Application FORMS for Marriage: Available in the Embassy’s website and at the Consular Section.

Important Reminder: Forms should be typewritten (except for the signatures) when brought to the Embassy to minimize errors and for legibility

1. Application for Marriage License

2. Marriage License

3. Joint Affidavit

4. Public Notice

5. Applicant’s contact details

Procedure in getting married at the Embassy:

1. Submit the required documents to the Consular Section (counter no. 4)

2. Pay the required fees at the cashier;

3. After ten(10) days of the prescribed public posting of your marriage, arrange the schedule of your wedding with the concerned consular assistant at Tel.No.01-4823816; or e-mail:

Service Fees:

Joint Affidavit: SR100.00
Application for Marriage License: SR100.00
Marriage Solemnization: SR 240.00

(Partial payment of SR200. upon submission of all the requirements.)
(Full payment of SR240. on the day of solemnization). Total= SR440.00


Dress code:

Bride – Formal/Semi-Formal dress or gown
Groom – Barong Tagalog/Business suit/Long-sleeved shirt with tie

For all other information, you can contact the Embassy at below:

The Philippine Embassy Riyadh KSA

Address: Diplomatic Quarter, Ummayah Abu As-Salat Street – Location Map
P.O. 94366, Riyadh 11693
Offfice Hours: Sundays thru Thursdays 8:00AM to 5:00PM
Contact nos: 482-3559 , 482-0507, 482-1577 Fax (96611) 488-3945
Website :
Location Map:

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