A Look into The Mukaab: A First in the World

Are you ready for a new level of immersive experience that will transport you to other worlds? Look no further than The Mukaab in Riyadh, the world’s first experiential destination that has been making waves with its cutting-edge technology and transformative environments. The Mukaab is a major innovation in the New Murabba development in Riyadh, which has already announced many exciting firsts, but none as captivating as this.

From stunning staycations at seahorse-shaped island Sindalah to skiing at NEOM’s TROJENA resort, Saudi Arabia is constantly pushing the boundaries of adventure and innovation. Join us as we delve into the world of The Mukaab and uncover all there is to know about this mind-bending experience. Get ready to be transported to another dimension! Read on to learn more.

A Look into The Mukaab: A First in the World

What exactly is the Mukaab?

The city of Riyadh is about to be transformed by an exciting new giga-project that promises to be a game-changer in terms of both design and functionality. This new landmark is set to redefine the city’s skyline and transform the way people live, work, and play. What is this groundbreaking project, you ask? It’s none other than The Mukaab, the world’s first immersive, experiential destination that is set to transport visitors to new and exciting worlds.

As part of the New Murabba development, The Mukaab is set to become the largest modern downtown in the world, offering state-of-the-art entertainment, dining, and retail space like no other. This indoor super-city is poised to be a major attraction for locals and tourists alike, offering a unique and unforgettable experience that combines cutting-edge technology with breathtaking design.

The Mukaab is set to become a new cultural icon in Riyadh, with its sleek and futuristic design set to redefine the city’s skyline. But it’s not just a pretty face – this project is also set to transform the way people live and interact with their surroundings. With its unique ability to transport visitors to immersive worlds, The Mukaab promises to be a true escape from every day, offering a one-of-a-kind experience that is sure to stay with visitors long after they leave.

So get ready to be part of history and witness the birth of a new era in entertainment, dining, and retail. The Mukaab is set to be the place to be for anyone looking to experience cutting-edge technology, design, and innovation. With its state-of-the-art facilities and world-class offerings, it’s clear that The Mukaab is poised to be a true game-changer in the world of experiential entertainment.

The Public Investment Fund (PIF) has plans to construct a massive building called The Mukaab, which will blend modern technology with traditional Najdi architecture. With dimensions of 400 meters in height, width, and length, it is set to become one of the largest structures in the world.

The Mukaab is designed to offer an unprecedented experience in hospitality and leisure by transporting visitors to immersive and dynamic environments that push the boundaries of our imagination. The project is expected to redefine what we think is possible in architectural design and create a new benchmark for large-scale constructions.


The New Murabba development is a pioneering giga-project in Saudi Arabia that places a high priority on sustainability. Located in the northwest of Riyadh, the project is set to feature the Mukaab at its center, situated at the crossroads of King Salman and King Khalid roads.

The announcement of this visionary project was made on Thursday, February 16, by His Highness Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, who also serves as the Prime Minister and Chairman of the New Murabba Development Company (NMDC). The project’s vision is aligned with the goals of the Saudi Vision 2030 plan, and the projected opening date for the development reflects this strategic vision.

As the beating heart of the New Murabba development, the Mukaab is set to be an iconic landmark for the city of Riyadh. Its central location, at the intersection of two of the city’s most important roads, will make it easily accessible and visible from a distance. The Mukaab promises to be an awe-inspiring symbol of Saudi Arabia’s commitment to sustainable development, and a source of pride for the people of Riyadh.

Inside the Mukaab

The soon-to-be widely recognized cube is expected to accommodate a substantial amount of space. In addition, there will be over 80 different entertainment and cultural attractions, a museum, a theater, and even a university located at the base of the spiral!

When will it be open to the public?

The upcoming Murabba project, which comprises The Mukaab, has been scheduled to be completed by 2030.

Video: Saudi Arabia has released a promotional video for “The Mukaab” – an imposing 400-metre tall cube-shaped skyscraper in Riyadh large enough to hold 20 Empire State Buildings ?

Saudi Arabia has recently unveiled a promotional video that showcases “The Mukaab”, an impressive skyscraper in Riyadh. This towering building is shaped like a cube and stands at a staggering height of 400 metres. In fact, the structure is so huge that it has the capacity to hold 20 Empire State Buildings within its walls. The video captures the awe-inspiring visuals of the building, which is set to become a landmark in the city’s skyline. With its sheer size and futuristic design, “The Mukaab” is set to be a major attraction and an architectural masterpiece that will draw visitors from around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is The Mukaab in Riyadh?

The Mukaab is a 400-metre tall cube-shaped skyscraper located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

2. What makes The Mukaab unique?

The Mukaab is a first-of-its-kind experiential destination that uses cutting-edge technology and transformative environments to create an immersive experience for visitors.

3. What can visitors expect to experience at The Mukaab?

Visitors to The Mukaab can expect to be transported to other worlds through the use of immersive technology and interactive environments.

4. When will The Mukaab be open to the public?

The Mukaab is part of the New Murabba development in Riyadh, which is scheduled to be completed by 2030. The exact opening date of The Mukaab has not yet been announced.

5. Will there be any restrictions for visitors to The Mukaab?

As The Mukaab is an experiential destination, there may be age or height restrictions for some of the activities. Visitors should check the attraction’s website or customer service for further details.

Final Thoughts

A Look into The Mukaab: A First in the World

In conclusion, The Mukaab in Riyadh is a truly remarkable feat of innovation and technology that is sure to capture the imagination of visitors from around the world. As part of the New Murabba development, it is just one of many exciting experiences that Saudi Arabia has to offer. From the seahorse-shaped island Sindalah to the TROJENA resort at NEOM, the Kingdom is at the forefront of adventure and innovation. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable journey – watch out and explore The Mukaab and discover a new world of immersive experiences SOON!

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