Coming Soon: New Airport Project in Jazan City

There are many options for traveling around Saudi Arabia using public transportation. And when it comes to international travel, there are airports in all major cities around the Kingdom. In fact, a new airport project in the border city of Jazan is currently in the works.

The King Abdullah bin Abdel Aziz Airport in Jazan is part of a major development plan for all airports in the country. The project goes in line with the Saudi leadership’s vision of providing investments and job opportunities in the region, according to Al Arabiya.

jazan airport project
Image Credit: @AlArabiya_Eng on Twitter

Project: King Abdullah bin Abdel Aziz Airport in Jazan

So far, here is what we know about the new airport project in Jazan:

  • It involves a budget of SAR 2.5 billion!
  • The project will cover an area of 5,000,000 square metres.
  • Situated 30 kilometres north of the city, it is strategically located by the Red Sea.
  • The airport’s interior design will be inspired by the marine nature surrounding the area.
jazan airport3
Image Credit: @AlArabiya_Eng on Twitter

Aside from spanning a huge area, the airport is situated in the middle of Jazan and Jazan Economic City — thus placing it near a major industrial and manufacturing area.

jazan airport 2
Image Credit: @AlArabiya_Eng on Twitter

Without a doubt, the new airport in Jazan will be a valuable addition to the Kingdom’s infrastructure and transportation services. Meanwhile, if you would like to see more of the country’s beautiful sights, check out this aerial video of Saudi Arabia’s natural wonders!

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