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Saudi OFW Jailed After Co-Workers Spread Rumors that he has 'Fake' Engineering Degree

One of the most destructive traits attributed to Filipinos is the crab mentality. Because of this, needless sufferings are borne. Such is the case of a Saudi OFW who had been wrongly accused of using a fake engineering degree for work and had been sent to jail for it – all because of the rumors, his fellow [...]

Where to Buy Gold in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is known for its vast and high quality gold reserves. For this reason, gold is sold here at a lower rate than in most other countries, and the fact that the sales tax or VAT is only 5% makes the prospect of buying the precious metal even more appealing! ALSO [...]

Soon, Migrant Workers Will Be Allowed to Change Jobs, Leave the Country Without their Sponsors' Consent - DFA

Great news for Filipinos working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the Ministry of Human Resources on Wednesday (November 4) announced its plan to implement changes to its kafala system, allowing private-sector workers to change jobs and leave the country without their sponsors’ consent starting in March 2021. The Kafala or the sponsorship system, which is typically [...]

How to Renew PH Passport in VFS Global Jeddah Centre

 Managed and operated by VFS Global, the newly launched centres have started to accept passport renewal requests from Sunday to Saturday between 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM In a bid to ease the passport renewal process for Philippine nationals living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), The Republic of the Philippines Department of Foreign [...]

Activities You Can Do While Staying at Home

Ever since the pandemic hit, people around the world have been advised to stay at home as much as possible. And although some places have started opening up again — little by little — many of us still prefer to remain indoors, unless going out to buy food, medicine, and other necessities. ALSO READ: Best Places [...]

Alinma Bank Logo

The Alinma Bank is a licensed financial institution, it is one of the top banks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This country’s economy grew along with the contribution of this bank. Alinma Bank has a strong competitive structure. This bank offers many different products and services. They make sure that the client’s success is [...]

Best Online Shopping Websites in Saudi Arabia

When it comes to buying groceries, dining in restaurants, updating your wardrobe, or simply hanging out, there are many places that you could go to here in Saudi Arabia. But if you prefer to shop online instead, don’t worry because there are plenty of shopping websites as well! ALSO READ: 17 Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia [...]

places to live for expats

In a previous post,we shared a guide for first-time visitors in Saudi Arabia. Today, we are going to talk more about the places where expats typically live or stay in the Kingdom. There are many great places where you can stay as an expat in Saudi Arabia. There are also different types of accommodations available, depending [...]

philippine schools saudi arabia

In an earlier post, we shared a guide for first-time visitors in Saudi Arabia. We talked about the language, economy, culture, and other things that every newcomer should know. Today, we are going to talk about education… Philippine schools in the Kingdom, to be exact. That’s right! Did you know that there is a quite a [...]

Alinma Bank Logo

The Alinma Bank is one of the top banks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This bank provided services and played a big part in the economy of Saudi Arabia. The bank’s economy is what made Alinma Bank a very competitive financial institution. Alinma Bank manages the financial needs of their clients, making sure that [...]