What is Kudai Parking in Makkah?

Are you among the millions of Muslims around the world who dream of embarking on the sacred pilgrimage to Makkah? If so, you’re likely aware of the logistical challenges that come with this profoundly spiritual journey. Here’s where Kudai Parking comes into the picture. It goes beyond mere parking facilities; it is a game-changer that brings efficiency, convenience, and peace of mind to every pilgrim’s experience.

Embracing the significance of the spiritual journey, Kudai Parking aims to minimize the logistical hurdles that can detract from your devotion and connection to the divine. To know more about this, keep on reading below.

What is Kudai Parking in Makkah?
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Kudai Parking, located near Masjid Al Haram, is undoubtedly the most popular choice for pilgrims seeking a convenient FREE parking option in Makkah.

Operating 24/7, this expansive parking area ensures that finding a spot for your vehicle is a breeze, with the exception of the bustling Ramadan period when demand is exceptionally high.

During the Hajj season, SAPTCO services take over Kudai Parking, restricting private vehicles from accessing the area.

Despite being approximately 4-7 km away from Masjid Al-Haram, the convenience continues as taxis are readily available upon parking your car.

With fares ranging from 10-15 Saudi Riyals (2.67 to 4 USD), reaching the holy mosque is swift and hassle-free.

Moreover, during the sacred month of Ramadan, SAPTCO services operate around the clock, charging a mere 6 Saudi Riyals (1.6 USD) per person for a round trip.

To ensure you easily locate your vehicle, it is recommended to capture a picture of your parking spot.

Undoubtedly, Kudai Parking emerges as the optimal parking choice during the Ramadan period, providing pilgrims with peace of mind and a smooth parking experience.

Benefits of using Kudai Parking in Makkah

Kudai Parking offers a range of benefits that can enhance your experience and allow you to focus on the spiritual aspects of your pilgrimage.

  1. Convenience and Accessibility
  • Kudai Parking is the most frequently used parking lot near Masjid Al Haram, ensuring its popularity and convenience.
  • It operates 24/7, allowing you to access your vehicle at any time, day or night.
  • The parking area is spacious, providing ample parking spots, ensuring you will likely find a spot available.
  1. Reliable Transportation Options
  • Upon parking your vehicle at Kudai Parking, you will find taxis readily available, offering a convenient and hassle-free mode of transportation to Masjid Al-Haram.
  • Taxis are accessible as soon as you park your car, saving you time and effort in searching for transportation.
  1. Cost-Effectiveness
  • The taxi fares from Kudai Parking to Masjid Al-Haram are reasonably priced, ranging from 10-15 Saudi Riyals. This affordability ensures that your transportation expenses remain manageable.
  • During the holy month of Ramadan, a special SAPTCO service operates at a discounted rate of 6 Saudi Riyals per person for a round trip, offering an even more cost-effective option for pilgrims.
  1. Peace of Mind
  • Knowing that you have secured a parking spot near Masjid Al-Haram through Kudai Parking provides peace of mind, eliminating the stress and uncertainty of finding suitable parking in a crowded area.
  • The availability of parking spaces allows you to focus on the spiritual journey without worrying about the safety and security of your vehicle.
  1. Special Considerations during Ramadan
  • Kudai Parking becomes an even more valuable choice during the Ramadan period, as it is recognized as the best parking area at that time.
  • The SAPTCO service operates 24/7, ensuring uninterrupted transportation to and from Masjid Al-Haram.
  • The discounted fare offered during Ramadan makes Kudai Parking an economical and reliable option for pilgrims.
  1. Enhanced Organization and Recall
  • To facilitate easy retrieval of your vehicle, it is recommended to take a picture of your parking spot at Kudai Parking. This simple step helps you remember the location, especially when the parking area is extensive.

Kudai Parking Makkah Location

Kudai Parking is strategically located near Masjid Al Haram, making it a highly convenient choice for pilgrims visiting Makkah.

Situated just 4-7 kilometers away from the holy mosque, it offers easy access to one of the most sacred places in Islam. Despite its proximity, Kudai Parking provides a serene and spacious environment, ensuring a hassle-free parking experience for pilgrims.

Kudai Parking Makkah to Haram distance

Kudai Parking, located near Masjid Al Haram, offers a convenient parking option for pilgrims visiting Makkah.

While it is approximately 4-7 kilometers away from the holy mosque, the distance is easily manageable, thanks to the availability of taxis as soon as you park your vehicle.

Since Kudai Parking is a free parking area, the chances of running out of parking slots, especially during the peak season of Ramadan is definitely there despite how spacious any parking area is.

Thus, as part of your preparation, it would also be a good idea to look into some of the paid parking options within the area.

  1. Ibrahim Khalil Road Parking
  • Located on Ibrahim Khalil Road, this paid parking area offers a convenient option for visitors to Al Haram Mosque.
  • The parking facility provides a secure environment for your vehicle, ensuring its safety during your visit.
  • Payment is required upon entry, and the fee is typically reasonable for the duration of your stay.
  1. Jarwal Parking
  • Situated in close proximity to Al Haram Mosque, Jarwal Parking is another paid parking facility that caters to the needs of visitors.
  • This parking area offers a strategic location, allowing you easy access to the mosque and minimizing travel time.
  • Ensure to make the necessary payment at the entrance and keep the ticket for re-entry.
  1. Misflah Haram Parking
  • Misflah Haram Parking is a paid parking facility that provides a convenient option for visitors seeking parking near Al Haram Mosque.
  • Located in the vicinity of the mosque, it allows for easy access, saving you time and effort.
  • Be prepared to pay the parking fee upon entry and retain the ticket for any re-entry needs.
  1. Mowgif Paid Parking
  • Mowgif Paid Parking is another viable option for those seeking secure and well-maintained parking near Al Haram Mosque.
  • The facility is designed to accommodate the parking needs of visitors, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  • As with other paid parking areas, payment is required upon entering the facility.
  1. Makarem Ajyad Makkah Hotel
  • If you prefer the convenience of staying in a hotel near Al Haram Mosque, the Makarem Ajyad Makkah Hotel offers paid parking facilities.
  • Please note that parking at this location requires prior hotel reservations.
  • By staying at this hotel, you can enjoy the proximity to the mosque and the added convenience of having a parking spot within the premises.

When utilizing paid parking near Al Haram Mosque in Makkah, it is essential to follow the designated payment procedures and retain any parking tickets for re-entry.

Consider the location, convenience, and security offered by each parking facility to make the best choice that suits your needs.

By planning ahead and opting for paid parking, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience during your visit to the Al-Haram Mosque in Makkah.

Hotels near Kudai Parking in Makkah

Another factor you must take into consideration when planning your trip is the proximity of your hotel to your parking lot and the mosque you will be attending, especially during Ramadan.

Here are some of the nearby hotels if you plan to use the free Kudai parking in Makkah.

  1. M by Millennium Hotel
  • Location: Ibrahim Al Khalil Road, Al Taqwa, 21955 Makkah, Saudi Arabia
  • Fee per night: SAR 135-150
  • Facilities: Free parking, daily housekeeping, free Wi-Fi, two on-site restaurants, multilingual staff
  • Nearby attractions: Zamzam Well, Al Eskan Park, Al Nuzha Park, Al Masfalah Park, Al Moualeem Park
  1. Makarem Umm Al Qura Hotel
  • Location: Ajyad Street, P.O. Box 7020 Makkah, 21955 Makkah, Saudi Arabia
  • Fee per night: SAR 190-250
  • Facilities: Free parking, business centers, room service, in-house restaurant, 24-hour front desk
  • Nearby attractions: Al Masfalah Park, Abdullah Eraif Park, Zamzam Well, Makkah Museum
  1. Al Joud Boutique Hotel
  • Location: 3rd Ring Road Kudaiy, 24352 Makkah, Saudi Arabia
  • Tariff per night: SAR 130-170
  • Facilities: Free parking, family rooms, free Wi-Fi, smoking rooms, on-site restaurant
  • Nearby attractions: Hussainiya Park, Al Moualeem Park, Zamzam Well, Makkah Museum
  1. Al Bayraq Hotel
  • Location: AT Taqwa, 3rd Ring Road, 08005, Makkah, Saudi Arabia
  • Fee per night: SAR 160-200
  • Facilities: Free Wi-Fi, express check-ins/check-outs, concierge services, free parking, in-house restaurant
  • Nearby attractions: Al Masfalah Park, Zamzam Well, Mummadiya Park, Al Mousa Park, Abu Raysh
  1. Le Meridien Towers Makkah
  • Location: P.O. Box 9991, Kudai Road, Makkah, Saudi Arabia
  • Fee per night: SAR 500-550
  • Facilities: Free parking, Wi-Fi service, business centers, 24-hour front desk, Middle Eastern restaurant
  • Nearby attractions: Al Adel Park, Al Wardah Park, Al Mousa Park, Al Hadj Park

These hotels provide various room options to cater to different group sizes and preferences. From luxurious five-star accommodations to more affordable options, you can choose according to your budget and requirements.

Make your reservations today to secure the best deals on these hotels and enjoy a comfortable stay near Kudai Parking.

Remember to check the facilities, nearby attractions, and additional services provided by each hotel before making your decision.

By choosing the right hotel near Kudai Parking, you can ensure a convenient and enjoyable stay in Makkah during your pilgrimage or visit to the holy city.

Video: Saptco Bus | Ramadan 2022 | Kudai Parking to Haram

In this video, the vlogger takes you on a journey through the experience of getting on a SAPTCO bus during Ramadan 2022 from Kudai parking to Masjid Al Haram Makkah.

The SAPTCO bus ticket price for this trip is 6.90 SAR, and the distance covered is around 4 km. You will witness the ease of booking and boarding the bus, as well as the comfortable and affordable travel experience offered by SAPTCO.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Kudai Parking in Makkah?

Kudai Parking is a large parking lot located near Masjid Al Haram in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. It is open 24/7 and serves as a convenient parking option for visitors to the holy city.

2. Is Kudai Parking free?

Yes, Kudai Parking is a free parking area, allowing visitors to park their vehicles without any charges. However, during the Hajj season, SAPTCO services take over the parking, and private vehicles are not allowed.

3. How far is Kudai Parking from Masjid Al-Haram?

Kudai Parking is located approximately 4-7 km away from Masjid Al-Haram. Taxis are readily available at the parking lot to transport visitors to the mosque, with fares typically ranging from 10-15 Saudi Riyals.

4. Can I park my vehicle at Kudai Parking during Ramadan?

Yes, Kudai Parking is open and available for parking during Ramadan. However, it’s important to note that the parking lot may experience increased demand and congestion during the Ramadan rush.

5. Are there alternative transportation options from Kudai Parking to Masjid Al-Haram?

Yes, besides taxis, SAPTCO services are available during Ramadan, offering a convenient transportation option from Kudai Parking to Masjid Al-Haram. The SAPTCO service runs 24/7 during Ramadan, with a round trip fare of approximately 6 Saudi Riyals per person.

6. Is it recommended to take a picture of my parking spot at Kudai Parking?

Yes, it is advisable to take a picture of your parking spot at Kudai Parking to help you remember its location. The parking area is vast, and having a visual reference can be helpful, especially during peak times or crowded periods.

7. Can I find parking easily at Kudai Parking?

Generally, Kudai Parking offers ample parking space, and you will likely find a spot without much difficulty. However, it’s worth noting that during the busy Hajj season or other peak periods, the parking lot may fill up more quickly, and it’s advisable to arrive early to secure a parking spot.

8. Is Kudai Parking the best parking area during Ramadan?

Yes, Kudai Parking is considered one of the best parking areas during Ramadan due to its proximity to Masjid Al-Haram and the availability of transportation services like taxis and SAPTCO. It provides a convenient option for those visiting the mosque during the holy month.


In conclusion, Kudai Parking in Makkah serves as a crucial element in enhancing the overall pilgrimage experience for Muslims worldwide. By addressing the logistical challenges that accompany the sacred journey, Kudai Parking allows pilgrims to focus their energy and devotion on the spiritual aspects of their visit to Makkah.

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