First Cinema in Saudi Arabia Opens Today

There are many places to visit in Saudi Arabia, including museums, shopping centres, zoos, and outdoor attractions. However, the Kingdom has yet to open a movie theatre… that is, until today!

You heard that right! In collaboration with AMC Entertainment, the Development and Investment Entertainment Company (DIEC) is launching the first public cinema in Saudi Arabia. The new cinema complex is situated in the King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) in Riyadh.

The first cinema in the Kingdom opens today!
Image Credit: @SaudiProject on Twitter

KSA’s 1st Movie Theatre Opens April 18th

The launching of the first movie theatre in the Kingdom will be a private affair. Selected guests have been invited for a special screening of the blockbuster film, “Black Panther.”

“Black Panther” will be the first movie to be screened in the new cinema.
Image Credit: @SaudiProject on Twitter

For now until the end of April, private screenings will be held for invited guests only. The public opening has been been scheduled for next month (May). By then, everyone would be able to purchase movie tickets in advance through an online ticketing system.

Private screenings will be held until the end of April.
Image Credit: @SaudiProject on Twitter

More Movie Screens Coming Soon
During the third quarter of this year, 3 more screens will be added to the cinema complex. Meanwhile, over the next five years, DIEC and AMC Entertainment plan to establish more than 40 complexes in up to 40 locations — in a bid to boost the entertainment sector in Saudi Arabia.

More screens will be added this year.
Image Credit: @SaudiProject on Twitter

Amazingly, the cinema complex at KAFD is the first to open in Saudi Arabia in 35 years. Without a doubt, movie lovers across the Kingdom will be lining up to catch their favorite films there! Notably, AMC Theatres is the biggest cinema operator in the world.

The cinema complex is the first to open in Saudi Arabia in 35 years.
Image Credit: @SaudiProject on Twitter

Aside from the opening of the first public cinema, Saudi citizens and residents can look forward to another exciting event. This year, the high-speed Haramain Express train will be launched, as part of one of the biggest public transportation projects in the region.

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