10 Best Hotels Near Riyadh King Khalid International Airport

If you are planning to explore the country of Saudi Arabia, you should know by now that it is a good place to start your Middle East journey. And as you travel, you’re going to need a place where you can stay for a night or two. Regardless of the length of your stay here, you must find a comfortable hotel and more than just a storage for your luggage. Here we share the best and closest hotel near King Khaled International Airport in Riyadh.

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In order to enter Saudi Arabia, you will need to utilize one of the main gateways in the country and Riyadh King Khaled International Airport is one of them. This airport is committed to provide their passengers with a high quality service to make memorable and enjoyable journeys. Since it opened in 1983, it’s been serving with 5 terminals with 40 aero-bridges each, a parking lot that can accommodate 11,600 vehicles, two runways, and a central control tower. It is located 35 kilometers north of Riyadh.

And if you are wondering you can book a hotel just near the airport, there are actually a lot of options for you. There are different types of accommodation—1-star to 5-star hotels and aparthotels. Some of these are just located few kilometers away from the airport so you wouldn’t have to go far from this point. It will be convenient for you to stay near this location so you can avoid the hassle of traveling during your scheduled departure.

Closest Hotels to Riyadh King Khalid International Airport, Saudi Arabia

When booking for hotels, just see to it that you are grabbing the best deal you can get because there are a lot of great options in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. You need to list down the things you need to consider when selecting an option. A few good examples are the price of the room, the size, the amenities, and the nearby places. If it’s your first time and you don’t have any idea about an accommodation here in country, here’s the list of best hotels near the airport.

1. Riyadh Airport Marriot Hotel

Riyadh Airport Marriot Hotel
Image: Riyadh Airport Marriot Hotel

Hotel Rating: 5-star
Address: Airport Road, King Khalid International Airport, Riyadh 13443, Saudi Arabia
Telephone Number: +966 11 220 4500
Website: www.marriott.com/‎

When you drive 5 minutes from Khaled International Airport in Riyadh you will reach one of the 5-star hotels in the area—Riyadh Airport Marriot Hotel. The hotel offers air-conditioned rooms TV and other kitchen appliances so guests can cook if they choose to. The amenities include an outdoor swimming pool, free WiFi access, free parking, gym, free airport shuttle, and family rooms. What guests loved most about the Marriot experience is that the location is very good and the rooms are arranged excellently.

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2. The Corner Chalets

The Corner Chalets
Image: The Corner Chalets

Hotel Rating: Resort type
Address: مطار الملك خالد, Unnamed Road, مطار الملك خالد الدولي، الرياض 13428، 13428, Saudi Arabia
Telephone Number: +966 56 555 7749
Website: Book via booking.com

This resort-type hotel is more of like a house than a hotel. The structure of the place is like a small villa and its facility is well-equipped. Guests can use the spot for the BBQ party while viewing the garden. The location is just 25km from Al Nakheel Mall. Visitors can enjoy pool views, and outdoor swimming pool, a terrace, a 24-hour reception desk, and a free WiFi access. Rooms are air-conditioned with kitchen accessories that can be used for cooking. You can also play billiards at the hotel.

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3. Boudl Almunsiyah

Boudl Almunsiyah
Image: Boudl Almunsiyah

Hotel Rating: Aparthotel
Address: الثمامة، Al Munsiyah, Riyadh
Telephone Number: +966 11 511 6030
Website: boudl.com/‎

This aparthotel near Riyadh Airport receives very good reviews because of spacious and clean rooms, good location, and friendly staff. The amenities of this hotel include an indoor swimming pool, fitness center, air-conditioned rooms, free internet access, and spa & wellness center. Different tourist attractions are located near the area such as Saqr Aljazeera Aviation Museum and Riyadh Park. Even if you can’t speak their language, this aparthotel has staff who can talk to you using your own language.

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4. Almakan Hotel 103

Almakan Hotel 103
Image: Almakan Hotel 103

Hotel Rating: Not available
Address: Prince Faisal Ibn Bandar Ibn Abdulaziz, An Narjis، An Narjis, 00966 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Telephone Number: +966 11 230 7842
Website: mayyunhotel.sa-riyadh.info/en

Almakan Hotel 103, also known as Mayyun hotel is located near King Khaled Airport, cafes, bars, and supermarkets. Guests can stay here conveniently since there are many establishments near the area. The hotel is just nearby the Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University and Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University. Every rooms here are air-conditioned and equipped with TV to keep every visitor entertained while staying in. They also have free internet access, free parking, room services, and a 24/7 front desk.

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5. Fairmont Riyadh

Fairmont Riyadh
Image: Fairmont Riyadh

Hotel Rating: 5-star
Address: Business Gate Qurtubah Area, Riyadh 11552, Saudi Arabia
Telephone Number: +966 11 826 2626
Website: www.fairmont.com/Riyadh‎

Fairmont hotel is a pretty good accommodation near the airport as it offers a great location, excellent customer service, and good management. Located at the heart of the Business Gate, this place has well-equipped air-conditioned rooms, an indoor pool, a fitness gym, free internet access, and many more. Fine dining restaurants also exist on site so if you want to try local cuisines, you might want to try them out. Also, Fairmont has breakfast buffet you can definitely enjoy.

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6. Swiss Spirit Hotel & Suites Metropolitan Riyadh

Swiss Spirit Hotel & Suites Metropolitan Riyadh
Image: Swiss Spirit Hotel & Suites Metropolitan Riyadh

Hotel Rating: 3-star
Address: King Fahd Rd, Riyadh 13321, Saudi Arabia
Telephone Number: +966 11 485 7777
Website: https://www.swissspirithotels.com/metropolitan-riyadh

If you are looking for a cheap and comfortable accommodation just around the corners of Riyadh airport, there you will find a 3-star hotel called the Swiss Spirit Hotel & Suites Metropolitan Riyadh. This is an ideal location for guests who love good city views. Plus, it’s just near the Riyadh Park. All units of this hotel come with air-conditioning, kitchen accessories, and private bathroom. Concierge services are also available. Restaurants are situated on site but you can take advantage of their continental every morning. Guests love what they get from paying a good price.

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7. Al Faisaliah Resort & Spa

Al Faisaliah Resort & Spa
Image: Al Faisaliah Resort & Spa

Hotel Rating: 5-star
Address: King Fahd Road, Exit 6, Durrat، Riyadh Saudi Arabia
Telephone Number: +966 11 411 8800
Website: www.alfaisaliahhotels.com/‎

This hotel is one of the top picks here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This has 330 hotel rooms in total and are elegantly designed to suit the taste of their guests from different countries. One unqiue feature of this place is that they have a 24-horu butler service. Six international restaurants are on site and meeting facilities can be rented for special events. Other amenities include a state-of-the-art gym facility, spa, and a swimming pool. Everything about this place is perfectly arranged and that’s how they are getting good reviews from its patrons.

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8. Braira Qurutbah Hotel

Braira Qurutbah Hotel
Image: Braira Qurutbah Hotel

Hotel Rating: 4-star
Address: Al Rashd, Qurtubah، Riyadh 13245, Saudi Arabia
Telephone Number: +966 11 225 4221
Website: www.brairahotels.com/

Located near the airport, al Nakheel Mall, and Saqr Aljazeera Aviation Museum, Braira Qurutbah Hotel has air-conditioned and spacious rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, an indoor pool, and a gym. The reception area is open 24 hours to accommodate visitors, they offer room services, and they have luggage storage. So aside from large rooms, you can also take advantage of the luggage area made especially for you. The room size, overall facilities, and staff are combined into one place and you can find it here in Braira. This 4-star hotel is a lot cheaper than other 5-star hotel in the area. Actually, this hotel can give you a vibe like you’re actually staying in a resort outside the busy city.

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9. Meral Crown Hotel

Meral Crown Hotel
Image: Meral Crown Hotel

Hotel Rating: 4-star
Address: Exit 9, Ash Shuhada, Abi Jaafar Al Mansouri Street، Riyadh Saudi Arabia
Telephone Number: +966 11 400 1777
Website: meralcrownhotel.com/en/

Another good and affordable hotel near the airport is Meral Crown. Like any other 4-star hotels, they offer free internet access, free parking, a swimming pool, a spa wellness center, air-conditioned suites, and family rooms for big groups. In the area you will find a restaurant where you can avail breakfast buffet. The place has accommodating and friendly staff, room services, and excellent lobby facility.

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10. Super 8 By Wyndham Al Riyadh

Super 8 By Wyndham Al Riyadh
Image: Super 8 By Wyndham Al Riyadh

Hotel Rating: 3-star
Address: Ath Thumamah Road, Riyadh 13248, Saudi Arabia
Telephone Number: 011 502 9200 ext. 2020
Website: https://www.wyndhamhotels.com

Last but not the least is the Super 8 By Wyndham. The hotel building looks plain in the outside but they actually have good and modern facilities in the inside. 12 kilometers from this hotel you will find Al Nakheel Mall and Saqr Aljazeer Aviation Room. Hotels are indeed built in these locations for better access to tourist spots. For sure, your guest stay in Super 8 would be nice and quiet.

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