List of Balikbayan Box Cargo Companies in Saudi Arabia

For many Filipinos living in Saudi Arabia, the balikbayan box serves as a lifeline to loved ones back home. These cargo companies understand the importance of the balikbayan box and strive to make the process of sending them as efficient and stress-free as possible. Offering various package sizes, tracking options, and door-to-door delivery, these companies have become a reliable source for shipping back to the Philippines. Whether it be for special occasions or just to send some love and necessities, balikbayan box cargo companies in Saudi Arabia serve as a bridge between families separated by distance.

Some of these companies even provide additional services such as repacking and consolidation, making the process even more convenient for their clients. Despite the competitive industry, many of these companies have managed to establish a loyal customer base by prioritizing customer satisfaction and ensuring the timely delivery of their balikbayan boxes.



List of Cargo Companies in Saudi Arabia

We have compiled the following list of Balikbayan box cargo companies in Saudi Arabia to make sure you have the best options available for your shipment.

Air Asia Express Cargo
Address: Riyadh ksa, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 066
Phone: riyadh ksa, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 066
Facebook Page:

Address: King Abdulaziz Road, Before Crown tower, Tayba Area, Building No 128, Al Jubail 35513, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 9200 27447

Al Suhaimi Travel Tourism & Cargo Agency
Address: 6991 Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd Road, 4193, Al Mazruiyah, Dammam 32414, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 13 830 1730

Al-Zafer Wings Cargo Services Co.
Address: P.O. Box 6048 , Riyadh 1142, Saudi Arabia.
Phone: 00966 1 3 4788849

Cacee Cargo
Address: Al Bathaa, Al Amal, Riyadh 12643, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 55 750 6109

Caravan Cargo Agency
Address: Prince Mansour St, 2nd street, Al Khobar Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 50 700 6555

CityLink Cargo – Citylink Trade & Transport Co. Ltd.
Address: Aziziyah, Jeddah 23342, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 59 159 0145

DHL Airport Road
Address: Unnamed Road,34627، Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 9200 03450

DRM International Air and Sea Cargo Services
Address: Riyadh City, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966114775710

Address: Commercial Center, D, Al Malqa, 8274وصلت Anas Ibn Malik Rd, 2nd Floor Tower, Malka Saudi Arabia
Phone: +9668001010101

Address: King Abdullah St, Al Khobar Al Janubiyah, Al Khobar 34621, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 800 850 1520

Fil-Asia Cargo Forwarders
Address: Al Amal Street , Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 50 718 6386
Facebook Page:

Global Cargo
Address: Jeddah 22351, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 54 064 8582

GP Express
Address: Al-Batha, PO Box 22682 Riyadh 11416
Phone: +966 55 888 2558

iMerex Al Khobar
Address: Prince Saad St, Al Khobar Al Shamalia, Al Khobar 34429, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966595212483

Address: Al Amal, Unnamed Road, Riyadh 12643, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966114120166

Int’l Link Shpg & Forwarding Services
Address: Al Andalus Branch, Al-Ruwais, Jeddah 23213, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966126458288

Jas Forwarding
Address: Al Sehamiya Tower، Prince Sultan Street Eastern Province, Qurtoba, Al Khobar 34235, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966138456812

Sky Express
Address: 2651 Al Zahrah, Mishrifah, Jeddah 23332, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 12 665 9635

Kanoo Logistics
Address: P.O Box 753, King Abdul Aziz Road, Riyadh 11421, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +96611 477 2228

Laguna Express Cargo
Address: Ibn Anbari , Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 53 222 9945

Laksiri Seva Cargo
Address: 7202 3687 Ghazi, As Sulay, Riyadh 14264, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 56 042 9753

LBC Express Inc
Address: 2228 Ibn Al Anbari, Al Amal, Riyadh 12643, Saudi Arabia

Makati Express Cargo
Address: Al Garabbi St, Filipino Market, Beside Manila Plaza, near Al Okail Sup, Riyadh Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966114035363

Mohsen Amoudi Cargo Svcs
Address: Al Faisaliyyah, Jeddah 23444, Saudi Arabia

Oak Kargo Express
Address: 7373 Ali Al Harithi، AR Rawdah District، 4674, Jeddah 23432, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966126653001

PC Worldwide Cargo
Address: Dammam 32443, Saudi Arabia
Phone +966 50 180 5195

Pinoy Balikbayan Express
Address: Al Khobar Al Shamalia, Al Khobar 34429, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 13 889 6343

Rabel International Trading & Cargo Services
Address: 4361 Al Temr, 4361, Al-Shemaysi, 7804, Riyadh 12745, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 54 640 5601

Sky Freight
Address: Building Number 12, Al-Zuhrah Street, Musrefah District,Madina Road, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Phone: +9662-665-9635/ 663-0641/ 665-3697

Sky Express
Address: 2651 Al Zahrah, Mishrifah, Jeddah 23332, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 12 665 9635

Smart Ocean Co. Ltd. Shipping Corp
Address: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 54 669 8665

Syway Cargo
Address: Al Bathaa, Street, Jeddah 23442, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 12 639 7707

Timeline Global Express Logistics Corp
Address: Al Amal, Riyadh 12643, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 53 310 2895

Address: Industrial، PO BOX 6233 DAMMAM 31442 KSA, Dammam 31442, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 13 822 3219

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the items that I’m allowed to send using a Balikbayan box?

If you want to send a Balikbayan box, you can include clothing, shoes, toys, electronics, appliances, food items, and personal gifts. However, remember that customs regulations may restrict certain items. Contact your Balikbayan Box Cargo Company or local customs beforehand to avoid any problems.

2. What is the estimated time of arrival for a Balikbayan box to be delivered in the Philippines?

The length of time for a Balikbayan box to reach the Philippines from Saudi Arabia can differ based on various factors such as the cargo company used, the time of year, and the type of cargo being shipped. Typically, delivery takes between 4 to 6 weeks.

3. Are there any limitations or rules regarding Balikbayan boxes?

Please be aware that air freight and sea freight cannot transport flammable liquids, medicines, cosmetics, or other potentially hazardous materials. You should contact your local customs or cargo company to obtain a list of all prohibited items. Moreover, ensure that all your items are packed, labelled, and declared by local customs regulations.

4. What is the cost of sending a Balikbayan box from Saudi Arabia to the Philippines?

To learn about the costs and services available, please get in touch with your nearby Balikbayan Box Cargo Company. It is important to note that expenses may differ based on the box size, cargo company, and other variables.

5. Are we allowed to include money in a balikbayan box?

Unfortunately, you cannot send money through a balikbayan box. It’s recommended to use a money transfer service to send money instead.

6. Do they check Balikbayan boxes?

If a balikbayan box might have something that is not allowed, Customs workers can open it and look inside. They must have a representative from the OWWA with them, as well as someone from an OFW association, police officers, and the freight forwarder consolidator.


Check out this video for tips on how to pack your balikbayan boxes and ensure a hassle-free experience when shipping them back home. With this helpful information, you can prepare to send your Balikbayan box with confidence.


This list has the names and addresses of companies in Saudi Arabia that send Balikbayan Boxes. It also has their phone numbers so you can contact them easily.This list is a helpful resource for Filipinos residing in Saudi Arabia who wish to send packages and items to their loved ones in the Philippines. It enables customers to compare rates, services, and locations of various cargo companies to choose the one that suits their requirements best. By using this list, Filipinos living abroad can remain connected with their friends and family in their home country conveniently.