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Saudi Arabia Life

Etiquette for Businesses - Do's and Don'ts in the Workplace

A few months ago, we shared the story of an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who got fired for making a TikTok video in the workplace, while wearing a job uniform. Although this may not seem like a big deal in some countries, it is considered a serious matter here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For [...]

Use of ‘Maid’ in Job Adverts Banned in Saudi Arabia

The government has banned the use of the terms ‘maid’ or ‘servants’ on job advertisements, whether on paper or online after it has considered it to be derogatory under the new regulations aimed to uphold the rights of foreign workers in the country. READ NEXT: Migrant Workers Will Be Allowed to Change Jobs, Leave the [...]

[KATAS OFW] Saudi OFW Gives a Tour of His 3BR 2T Dream House in the Philippines

Many Filipinos have the same goals when they decide to work abroad. While the family is the core of these goals, the dream is to prepare well for the future, whether that’s for the kids’ education, the parents’ retirement, or their very own dream house. While the process of realizing one’s dreams may take different [...]

How to Register for COVID-19 Vaccination Using the Sehhaty App

The Saudi government through the Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday, December 15, the start of the registration for the free COVID-19 vaccination drive through the “Sehhaty” mobile app. ALSO READ: “Saudi Arabia Continues to Take All Precautionary Measures to Confront COVID-19” – King Salman According to the ministry, over 150,000 residents have registered to [...]

Saudi OFW Jailed After Co-Workers Spread Rumors that he has 'Fake' Engineering Degree

One of the most destructive traits attributed to Filipinos is the crab mentality. Because of this, needless sufferings are borne. Such is the case of a Saudi OFW who had been wrongly accused of using a fake engineering degree for work and had been sent to jail for it – all because of the rumors, his fellow [...]

How Much has Saudi Arabia Changed Over Time?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is known as one of the most conservative nations in the world. There have been many laws and rules that regulate matters concerning religious freedom, human rights, and social activities in the Kingdom. In this post, we will take a look at some of the changes that took place in the Kingdom during the [...]

List of Saudi Arabia Public Holidays in 2021

Despite the pandemic which has severely affected tourism and religious activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the country remains to be one of the strongest economies in the region and the rest of Asia. This is because of the numerous expatriates who have decided to work and stay in the country for several months up to [...]

10 Reasons Why Filipinos Want to Work in Saudi Arabia

People who haven’t been to Saudi Arabia often imagine it as a sun-parched, desert landscape with sand dunes and cacti all around. And while the country does have stunning deserts, it also has modern cities thriving with skyscrapers, shopping malls, and business districts. For several decades now, this oil-rich Kingdom has transformed into a modern [...]

Emergency Hotlines & Important Numbers in Saudi Arabia

Knowing which telephone number to call in case of a fire, road accident, or other emergency is crucial, wherever you may be in the world. Here in Saudi Arabia, there are certain numbers that you can call to ensure that immediate help, action, and information are provided. In today’s post, we have gathered a list [...]

saudi men women restaurant

In line with the recent developments achieved by the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in terms of gender equality and women empowerment, the Saudi government has announced the abolition of rules requiring restaurants to provide separate entrances and areas for women and families and male patrons dining alone. The announcement was made on Sunday (December 8) by the [...]