7 Things to Do in Saudi Arabia

When it comes to history, not a lot of places around the world are as rich and colorful as Saudi Arabia. Trust me, this kingdom is bursting with culture and history. What’s more, it has a plethora of attractions that promise to give you a thrill of a lifetime.

Planning a visit to Saudi Arabia? Here are the top 7 things you can do and enjoy in this Arab wonderland.

Pay a visit to Madain Saleh

Leave no stone unturned in this wondrous natural landscape. Madain Saleh provides a breathtaking view of its natural and man-made structures. Explore the tombs of the ancient Nabatean people and the Hejaz railway that runs through it.

Dip and Dive in the Farasan Islands

The Farasan Islands are an ideal place to drop by for water aficionados as well as casual tourists. Even if you don’t dip a single toe in the sea, if you prefer watching out for birds, mangroves and other beautiful creatures of nature, then this is a place for you.

Experience Rub’ Al Khali

Rub’ Al Khali, or also known as Empty Quarter, is the largest sand desert in the world. Empty Quarter is a misnomer really because it’s far from being empty. It has miles and miles of sand that is not only home to a diverse flora, but also a site for vast oil reserves.

Join an Outdoor Adventure at Asir National Park

During the hot summer months, it is best to take a trip to the Asir National Park. The park has camping sites so you can pitch your tent, go trekking, and make new friends. Be cooled down by the breeze as you wander through the juniper forest. As a home to over 160 bird species, bird-watchers will definitely have a grand time in this lovely national park.

Travel to the Edge of the World

The world is round. That’s common knowledge. But just 90 km outside of Riyadh, lies the Edge of the World. It’s spectacularly scary and incredibly spectacular, all thanks to the Tuwaiq Escarpment, which makes the view of the horizon seemingly endless. Stand at the top, not too far over the ledge. Be calm enough to appreciate the beauty of the natural scenery and be cautious enough to stay safe.

See the Rock Carving Site

The recent discoveries of rock arts in Shuwaymus are quite telling. It shows how the country had been home to the Neolithic people and that it hadn’t always been a desert. Seeing the rock carving site is just like traveling back in time because you get to see what it was like in the past, way before numerous climatic alterations the landscape has experienced.

Experience History in Ushaiger Village

You may have stepped in countless museums and have seen artifacts many centuries old. However, you can get yourself more immersed in history when you step inside the Ushaiger Village. It’s one of the oldest mud villages that can be found in the region of Najd. Live as the locals do and you will gain insight into their history, culture and hospitality.

As the second largest state in the Arab world, it will probably be quite a long time before you run out of places to travel through. This list of 7 things to do in Saudi Arabia simply serves as an appetizer. Sooner or later you’ll find yourself wanting more.

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