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saudi arabia holidays 2015

To make sure you plan your days properly, here is a schedule list of holidays in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the year 2015. It is good to plan ahead to make sure that you are able to maximize your time for vacation or other priorities. Please review the information below and be advised [...]


If you thought the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is all about deserts, camels and temples, then you haven’t been to Farasan Islands yet. This large coral-island group is located around 50 kilometers offshore of Jizan in the southwestern tip of the country. The Farasan Islands have now become one of the most popular tourist destinations [...]


Are you traveling to Saudi Arabia with a bunch of kids? Do you love watching and taking pictures of animals? Then, make sure to plan a visit to the Riyadh National Zoo, the largest wildlife sanctuary in all of Saudi Arabia. Located right at the heart of the city of Riyadh, this 55-acre zoo is [...]