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saudi arabia visa

How to Check Your Saudi Visa Status Online

In an earlier post, we shared about how to apply for a working visa in Saudi Arabia. But what if you’d simply like to check the status of your visa? Is there an easy way to do this online? Well… the answer is yes, there is! ALSO READ: Different Types of Saudi Arabia Visa The Saudi Ministry [...]

Saudi Arabia Likely to Start Issuing Tourist Visas 51 Countries to Benefit

There are different types of visas that one can use to enter Saudi Arabia, but currently none of these is specifically for tourism purposes. Pretty soon, however, the Kingdom is likely to start issuing tourist visas. Yay! ALSO READ: Saudi Arabia Guide for First-time Visitors So if you are planning a leisure trip to the Middle East, you’d [...]

Different Types of Saudi Arabia Visa

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers great opportunities for work as well as plenty of amazing places to visit. Unless you are a citizen of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, or the UAE, however, you’re going to need a visa to before heading to this beautiful country. ALSO READ: List of Prohibited & Restricted Items in Saudi Arabia Currently, [...]